SQL Editor

Looking for a great SQL Editor. Minimum Requirements:
Multi-system (MSSQL & MySQL at least)
Intellisense (offers the fields for a table name I type, or the variables if I type @)
Grid output, Text output, XML output (This is the tough one, more in a sec)
Schema Browser
Easy tie-in to external help files (A-la UltraEdit)
Useful editor space (Query Analyzer sucks because it has no unlimited Undo. Others suck because they have no syntax highlighting)

More on that output thing. I’ve got a decent editor now: Query Tool (using ODBC) from George Poulose’s site. The problem is that I’m working with a lot of “FOR XML” query types and the output for them comes up in plain text and isn’t at all readable. I’ve got to copy it over to CookTop (found here) or some other XML editor to reformat it and see if it came out the way I wanted it to. I want a SQL Editor that does that for me, if the result of the query is in XML.

I’d rather not code this myself, I don’t have the patience. I’ll gladly accept pointers to source code though, so I can at least give it a whirl should nobody else have created this yet.