Father’s Day: Touch, Talk, Time and Talent

There are four vital things Fathers need to provide for their children.
Genesis 27:26-29 demonstrates them as…

Touch: Meaningful touch conveys acceptance and love. Not many mal-adjusted people in the world had fathers who hugged them frequently.

Talk: If you don’t tell your children they are talented and beautiful, some scumbag will. Our words are like seeds planted in the hearts of our children. Frequently tell a child they are smart and beautiful, and they will aspire to be. Do not, and what then do they have to work toward?

Time: Faith is personal. Instilling it in children takes demonstration, not just instruction. Believable demonstration (proof) takes time – lots of it. Our children see we’re busy: our time has value. Giving them our time abundantly shows them they have more value than other things in our lives.

Talents: It’s important for fathers to be able to recognize our childrens’ talents and help develop them. Artists, athletes, and academics are all more effective when their parents encouraged them to do things they were good at as children.