Brightcove? Boring. Harry Potter-like staff pictures? Cool.

Brightcove is a confounding name. I think of coves as dark/dim secluded, pleasant things… dark for enjoyment… who would want it bright? But whatever. Until a deeper level of theming/branding appears, I’ll just guess it was picked because of domain availability. But since it’s from Jeremy Allaire and I used to use Cold Fusion quite a bit, I checked it out.

Not a great deal of details to it yet, but I gather it’s about broadcasting tv-quality, on-demand signals through an IP network, a’la podcasting. Whatever – I don’t even have tivo to use on my favorite professionally produced shows.

Not wild about the whole web interface being flash driven, but I didn’t really pick it apart, just browsed through a few tabs of the site… And then I noticed that staff pictures moved.

It’s right out of a Harry Potter book or movie — except not as active… Then again, who wants company representatives making silly faces or waving and winking at you?

Anyway… Quite cool, and on a web site that’s already high-bandwidth assuming, why not? It’s definitely an interesting hook.