Sarah. 5 Months.

This beautiful little girl is doing the funniest thing now: “Bla, bla, bla, bla”. She’s already aware of the importance of most everything I say, and she’s only 5 months old. I didn’t realize the importance of the things I say until much later in life, but she’s already got me figured out. Heh.

She’s working on crawling now. Not too interested in rolling over, but when it happens, it’s a function of having stuck her butt up in the air too much and gravity helping out a bit. She can move forward, but it’s not a coordinated crawl.

When we put her in her scoot seat, she slowly manages to get all over the kitchen floor in the thing (well, as all over as a straight line can get). Her little feet just can’t turn yet. 🙂

BTW, the moon winked a while back. Eclipses are cool.

Sarah, at 5 months, ready for Christmas

I hate Adobe today

Ahh, the PDF. It’s cool, it’s portable, it looks the same everywhere. You can create forms in it, you can put your content out there while protecting it simultaneously. It’s great.


So we work hard on creating a PDF version of a standardized form we, and all of our customers use. You can enter information in it via Acrobat Reader 4+ and it’s just cool. But what happens if you get halfway though the 3 page form and need to stop for a while, to continue later? You can’t. Sorry kids.

Adobe has this dogma of “Reader READS, that is ALL. If you want to SAVE a form, you need Acrobat” which is impractical, not to mention just plain stupid. I can’t believe nobody else has noticed this and their stock price hasn’t suffered.

To truly be useful, Reader should be able to Save copies of PDFs with user information plugged into the form fields. You’re NOT editing the file, you idiots. You’re making use of a valuable feature that the form’s provider has ALREADY PAID FOR. If you want to change the non-form parts, sure, get Acrobat. If you want to continue filling out the form offline, in your pajamas, at home? Reader should do it. I can’t wait until someone comes along and offers that feature in their reader software. I’d pay 10x as much for the creation program if the matching reader offered the simple ability to make use of the feature as is simply assumed.

“What Most Americans Have”

The phrase uttered by my insurance agent annoyed me. It’s “What Most Americans Have” as a justification to pay more every month than I would be paying otherwise. Liability coverage sucks, kids.

I recognize the sales tactic, and I don’t hold it against my agent… He’s already lowering my rate and I’m quibbiling here over whether He lowers it by $32/month vs $26/month. And when they know you have a 4 month old their mouths just get juicier. “You’ve got a kid now, it’s not just you, as fast as you can go anymore.” $!#&%!! The things we do for our kids.

Perversely, Liability coverage isn’t for your kids. It’s for other peoples kids. I’m a good driver (if a little fast). I don’t wreck other peoples cars. Let THEM get the liability insurance.

Oh well. I’ll pay the bill. Until I figure out that nice guy or not, that agent just smiled at his bigger commission for something I don’t need at all. I fully realize I may never find out I don’t need it. Liability sucks.