Sarah’s grabbing things now. P noticed yesterday she was reaching for and pulling on a toy hanging over her bouncy-seat. She’s getting a little more adventurous since – going after the phone cord while P was on the phone today.

MINE! is probably not too far off.

Happy Anniversary To Me

Been at my job for 1 year, today. I thank God I have a place to work that I enjoy this much. Can’t say much for the web site though. 🙂 I designed a replacement, it’s just not in development yet, because so much work is necessary behind the scenes for other projects first. If you could see those you’d not worry about the frames, javascript and look of the thing so much. Hehe

3 Month Pics

Just got Sarah’s newest pictures. I can’t believe how fast she’s growing.

She’s started mimicking us. P frequently says “Oh Goodness!” when she gets Sarah up from a nap. Sarah’s started making the noises to mimic “Oh Goodneshzpppbbt”. You’d think it was just baby babble but she started repeating after us when we did it the other day. “Amazing” doesn’t even start to describe it.