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Test Server.

Supposedly, it’s bad manners not to describe yourself, and to include a picture of yourself, and to expect anyone to take you seriously. I don’t have a picture handy. Sorry.

Well, I don’t expect the “serious” part, but figured I’ll at least give some background on myself anyway.

  • Born in Detroit, Michigan.
  • Majored in Computer Science at Eastern Michigan University.
  • Started working on web sites professionally: 1998.
  • Married in 1999.
  • I have two children, Sarah and Jackson.

Some skills I’m pretty good with (or once was, in some cases):

  • Pascal
  • DOS Batch Programming
  • Visual Basic
  • HTML
  • Cold Fusion
  • Active Server Pages (ASP)
  • VBScript
  • Javascript
  • SQL
  • PHP
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Some skills I’m fair with (and am improving)

  • Java
  • C#
  • ASP.NET 2.0
  • Information Architecture
  • Usability in Design

I should probably update this… Oh well.

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  1. I use your password plugin for WordPress which works great, but it prevents scheduled posts from posting. When I deactivate it the scheduled posts post on time, but if it is active, the posts are all missed. Any thoughts. I upgraded from WordPress 2.71 to 2.8 but that didn’t help. I am hosted by GoDaddy, and cannot see why this should happen.

    Jim Marcum

  2. Do you create malicious wp plugins?
    I add your wp-passwords and then all of the sudden my site is hacked into. Hmmm? Plus, your about you section is really vague. Cannot find more information on you or your programs? Are you a fan of the Eagles?

  3. D’oh, you caught me. Yes. I create malicious WP plugins. You can see how actively I work at it in my post and comment regularity. I aspire to be internationally famous for my evil WP deeds. Oh, and for causing blindness when people stare into the sun. I want credit for that, too.

    Of course, that whole recent “Older versions of WP are subject to hacks, please upgrade” brouhaha had really dampened my spirits… Here I thought *I* was to blame for all the WP hacks that could ever happen, come to find out it was lazy users not upgrading their blog software from old versions that had security problems discovered and fixed with new versions.

    But alas, thank you for restoring my faith in my abilities. I shall once again set out with blazing determination and fierce update frequency to continue my reign of terror. AND, I now also claim credit for all people who are ever hit by trains. If they walked on the tracks, tried to race their car across, failed to look, or failed to get out of the way — it’s now MY doing! Mwahahaha.

  4. I will donate to your website if you will fix your wordpress password plugin. I’m completely serious. I really need it.

  5. I uploaded your plug-in and now I can’t get into my own site. there was no password set, and it keeps giving me a 530 error. I desparately need to know how to remove it. I can’t even get in through the FTP.
    Please help

  6. Hi Jonathan,

    I have you WP-Password plugin but there’s a challenge with and I hope you can help. After a period of time and when I upload an image… it signs me out and then asks me for my password.

    I enter it and it says it incorrect. Do you have a fix for this?

    Would really appreciate it. :o)

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