Sites I’ll need later

Unshocking realization: This site is not pretty.

Useful links for helping it (someday):

The point to IFR is to let you create headers (or any text, really) on a site using non-standard fonts/color/effects, without having to tediously create a separate flash movie or graphic for each one. It has issues, but it’s mostly genious.

The PGA 2004 Championship site
No tables, beautiful layout, flash used in an unobtrusive, useful way.

Color Harmonies
Eventually, I’m going to need a new color scheme somewhere. I won’t do it again without using tools like these…

Some decent starting points.

Rounded corners
The best solution I’ve seen so far.

ALA is a fantastic place to visit and feel stupid.


Where I actually found a lot of these links, and a beautiful, informative site, too. The Links section is like a portal to the world’s best art galleries (in web design, anyway).

Another visual masterpiece. It looks more like art than web, yet, fully web.