My faithful 1998 Honda CR-V is at just about 220,000 miles. I contemplated that for a moment. That’s the equivalent of over 9 trips around the globe. The moon is only 238,857 miles from earth. This fabulous car has driven almost as far. And with no major problems. And not for lack of trying —

It’s been rear-ended pretty badly. Wish I had pictures to show.
And I drive it hard… I speed, I brake hard, I pass on the right. A lot.
And I rarely ever get it washed. Poor thing.

But lately it’s gotten to complaining loudly about its condition. There’s a wolf-like howl coming from the front, and a bear-like growl and vibration coming from the back. I’ve started to wonder if it’ll damage my hearing, it’s so annoying. But (aside from the vibration/noise) it keeps on driving like a champ. Doing everything I ask it to.

So it’s about time to spend some more money on my baby. I’ve been through paying for it for years now, anyway. So she’s getting a new Transfer Case. And new U-Joints in the drive shaft. And an oil change. I might even wash her… but I wouldn’t want her to get spoiled. It’s a good thing I just got my tax refund. And there it goes.

But that’s not such a bad cost, really. It’s been a fabulous car, and if it’s only half as noisy as it used to be, I’ll consider it money well spent. Especially as I drive past the moon.

Hey, Honda: I love your car. Make a commercial of me. Give me a new one! I need an Odyssey now that I’ve got 1.75 kids in car seats, and a dog. Hehe.

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