Google Maps: Screw the highway, Cut across town!

I’m expecting a package, shipped by ground from Las Vegas to my home in Adrian, MI. I decided to see how long Google Maps thinks that trip would take.

As I perused the results, I traced the little blue line for a while, to see what course they’re following, and what towns it goes through. I didn’t expect it to actually go through a town.. Lo and behold, I’ve found that Davenport, Iowa is in mortal peril. Google has decided it’s more effective to cut across town than to take the highway around it. Beware, Davenport.

Screw the highway, Cut across town

Actually, you’ll notice the blue line veers off the road a bit on the east side of town, too. Does Google’s blue line get drowsy like a real driver? Is that a side-trip to see the world’s largest ear of corn?

And by the way, I flipped 230,000 miles on my CR-V yesterday. I think upon 239,000, I’ll christen the car “Alice”. As in, “To the moon, Alice!”