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WordPress finally got around to hosting a plugin directory at wordpress.org — http://www.wordpress.org/extend/plugins

And since they asked for feedback… It looks just as nice as the rest of the site, but the UI could use some help. Quite a bit, from my brief experience with it.

  1. The front page, of the list shows Popular/New/Recent plugins. What’s the difference between New and Recent? It’s not explained. What do any of them do. Only the “Featured Plugin” is described. I could click the link to follow each, but what a pain!
    • Title/link-Hover bubble descriptions would be nice. It’s not that much extra code/data to include in the page. The number of items on the lists is limited, after all.
  2. When I submitted details to add my two plugins, I got bupkis.
    • No confirmation page.
    • No email.
    • No… anything.
    • Just the same page again, but now missing the information I’d just typed and submitted. At the very least I’d like a “Thanks, don’t call us… we’ll call you.” acknowledgement that my information actually went somewhere.
  3. There’s a useful little Readme Validator but what an ugly, plain page! Furthermore, if you need to make repeated revisions to your readme to get it looking spiffy, you have to:
    1. Paste your text,
    2. Submit,
    3. Examine the output,
    4. Hit the back button,
    5. Alter your text,
    6. Repeat ad nauseum.
    • It would be so much better if the Results page included my original text in a box at the bottom I could just alter and re-submit, to keep me on one page

Please, WP… It’s such a promising offering. It’s great progress, too. Just fix it a little. πŸ™‚

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  1. 1. “Most Popular” plugins are the ones that have been downloaded the most. “Newest Plugins” are the ones that have been most recently added to the repository (and hence the plugin directory). “Recently Updated” are those that have most recently… been updated: the ones who have seen a new version come out most recently. Obviously, there will be overlap between “Newest Plugins” and “Recently Updated” unless we specifically prevent such overlap (which might be a good idea for the front page, but would be a bad one when we implement feeds).

    2. You definitely should have gotten feedback; you found a bug! Thanks for letting us know. Unfortunately, the bug was such that your information did, indeed, go nowhere. Could you resubmit your requests? (sorry)

    3. We felt it was better to release a plain looking Validator rather than no validator with the launch of the Plugin Directory. We hope to get it looking like the rest of the site soon. But that’s a fantastic point about its interface. I’ll set that up straight away.

  2. Thanks for the reply — I’m really impressed that my (somewhat terse) feedback was noted. I really like that plugins are now available right at the WP site.

    I guessed correctly at what the column headings meant… I was playing devil’s advocate with the fact that the feature is new, so *all* the plugins getting added would be both “New” and “Recently Updated”. Once there’s some depth of time in the data, it’ll be less inviting for me to pick on. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for my accepting my suggestion on the Validator. I hope it helps other users, too.

  3. Actually, the “start times” and “update” times for the plugins are calculated from the initial checkin dates and most recent checkin dates from the subversion repository, respectively. So plugins which have been in the repository for years have an old start time.

    True, there will be an influx of new plugins over the next weeks, but there will also probably be a lot of plugin updates to improve readme files πŸ™‚

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