WordPress Password 0.6

After several recent tests released via comments in my old WP-Password blog entry, I’ve now released version 0.6 for testing.

WP-Password 0.6:  http://broome.us/wp-password/wp-password_0_6.zip

For those new to the latest work, it’s a complete rewrite of the plugin.  It now uses a set of numbered rules that are much more precise and lack the ambiguity (read: ability to circumvent) of the old system’s Regular Expression conversion & comparion.

Another new feature: Where the old (before 0.5) plugin could only protect specific urls (and even than had some problems…) the new one protects the content of protected urls wherever it appears — homepage, archive pages, rss feeds… Should be everywhere.

Here’s a preview of the admin:

WP-Password Admin 0.6 Screenshot
WP-Password Admin 0.6 Screenshot - click to zoom

This isn’t quite ready for release on the WordPress Plugins site yet.  I have a few things I want to add before that… Feel ree to add your own requests via comment.

  1. Let users choose their own “This content is password protected, please Log In to view it” text.
  2. Add a decent un-install.  Or just ANY uninstall, since it doesn’t try at all.
  3. Find a better way to make visitors log in than hacking a copy of wp-login.php
  4. Add password-protection by Category and/or Tag, not just words in permalink urls.

As you see, I don’t think this is done.  But it bears some testing.  Please let me know if you find any problems or have any suggestions or questions.

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  1. hi, im running the latest version of wordpress, was wondering how i block the entire blog from the general public unless they put in a password? i’d like the first thing they do when they go to the web address they get prompted for a password, i believe your older versions did this but it doesnt work with the latest WP version. your current version seems to only block the posts, but they can still see the opening page. your help would be greatly appreciated, i’d really love to use this plugin!

    thank you regardless

  2. Hi, i’m wondering how to protect the wholw site by useing this great plugin? It seems to be not working by using the v0.6. However, the v 0.47 is ok to protect the whole site? Could you tell me how to setup to protect the whole site? thank you

  3. when i go to the plugins page and try to select “See WordPress Password Options”, it brings me to another page that says “Cannot load wp-password.php.” any thoughts?

  4. I love this plugin. I use it on four different sites. My only complaint/request: When this plugin is activated, I can’t upload photos into posts. I get http errors. I don’t know how to configure the rules to allow for this. I always have to deactivate it, go back to the post and upload the photo, and then reactivate it again. Any advice on setting up the rules would be greatly appreciated. If the rules won’t fix it, then I would like to request a coding adjustment that would allow us to have access to photo/file uploading while this plugin is activated. Thank you so much!

  5. Is this password plugin ready? I’d love to use it once all the bugs are worked out. Password protection by category and tags is brilliant. Do you think there is a way that depending on the password entered, people could see only certain parts of the blog — like they would only be able to see the ‘current events’ category and not the ‘personal’ category for example?

  6. @Tara: No, it’s not ready… I got sidetracked by real life and haven’t updated it in a while. I hope to again, but have no idea when that could be.

    I’ll post updates here when i do.

  7. I agree with the first few commenters. I want visitors who don’t have the password to not even be able to see my site and the global navigation. The old versions of the plug-in worked that way, and I think it’s just want I needed — although it stopped looking quite as nice as it used to as wordpress got upgraded at some point.

  8. Hey, I really appreciate your work. The pluggin is great. I’ve updated to 0.6 since I had problems with the 0.4.x-versions on WordPress 2.6.x.

    Now, there is one problem: After typing the PW is, the user is not redirected to the page he wanted to see but the plugin reloads the log-in page. It’s seems as though nothing has happened.

    But actually the cookies is set and the user can now navigate through the site. He doesn’t know, though 🙂 Only by clicking on »back to [your blog] or by re-entering the URL he can access the site.

    That’s my bug report, thanks for your work!

  9. @Christian: I’ve been finding that different WP setups (and PHP versions/install options) all have their own way of messing with redirects. I’ll keep looking for a better way of redirecting. Thanks for the info.

  10. JB – I’m having the same issue as Christian and I’d also like to echo the @studentdoc, I’d prefer to have a login screen rather than show the home page.

    Thanks for your hard work and effort. If it would help, I’d be happy to send my WP setup details.

  11. Thanks for your reply, JB.

    Just test the plugin in WP 2.7 and it doesn’t seen to have any effect there. Just to let you know 🙂

  12. Hi, I’d like to use this plugin for my new site. I’m using the latest version 2.7.1 of WP, but it doesn’t seem to work. Is it still being tested? What do you suggest? Thanks! 🙂

  13. ditto … great idea, but 0.6 is a completely different plugin than the original. Protecting posts is very different than protecting web pages. Also, individual post protection is built into WP (2.6 and above?). Consider renaming this version to a new plugin. Thanx for all the hard work… I’m still fiddling with your 0.4.7, hoping I can get this much needed functionality to play with WP 4.7.1 or 4.6. Will report any discoveries…

  14. I am using 0.4.7, the second version of the plugin, but what happens with both of them is that my scheduled posts will not post. If I deactivate the password plugin, the scheduled posts work fine, but if I re-activate it, they quit working. I tried your test version, but it only protects my posts, not the site. Perhaps I missed something, but I need the site protected. I have copyrighted video on the side-panel which version .6 did not password protect. Have you had other complaints about the scheduled posts not working with the password plugin? I would be interested in knowing if you have tested it for that problem.

    I have WordPress 2.8, I thought by upgrading from 2.7 I might solve the scheduled posting problem, but, alas, I didn’t. I hope this feedback is helpful.

    Jim Marcum

  15. Hi Jim,

    I haven’t tested it for compatibility with scheduled posts, nor other media types (videos, etc). In fact, if the video is just an embedded swf object, I’m sure this plugin *won’t* protect it – it only works on pages that WordPress handles (and even then, not perfectly, as seen with the scheduled post problem)

    You might want to take a look at Amember (www.amember.com) for managing subscriptions and protecting parts of a site – I use it in another project and it works pretty well – even has an additional plugin ($) to integrate with WordPress.

    This WP Password plugin was really thrown together to solve a very limited problem, and may not be the best solution for everyone.

  16. Thanks for your reply. I teach an online course for Elmhurst College and find the blog format really works well. I have used Typepad up until I got my own domain and now I use WordPress. My side panel has a category called, “Videos,” which has links to several videos that I stream using the Helix server from Real Networks. I password the blog so that only the students taking the class can view both the blog and its video links. Your earlier password plugin worked very well for that, but prevented scheduled posts from posting. I will take a look at http://www.amember.com as you suggest. Thanks again for your suggestion. By the way, the newest version of your plugin seemed to work quite well, just not for my needs.

    Jim Marcum
    Associate Director for Academic computing
    Elmhurst College

  17. Hi JB-

    Thanks so much for this plugin, it is exactly what we were looking for to pw protect the whole site for a couple weeks. I installed it, put in a password, left the directories section blank, to protect the root site, and now can’t pull up my website at all. It is directing me to a wp-admin/plugins.php site but it just says “waiting” and won’t load. Do you have any ideas on how to get past this? Am I going to have to uninstall wordpress and loose everything?


  18. Hi JB-

    Sorry to bother you, I was able to delete the file from my hosting account and restore access. Thanks again for the plugin!

  19. JB – got the same problem as Christian running WordPress 2.8.4 . Let me know if you figure out a quick fix. Thanks!

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