The WordPress Mullet Plugin

The other morning I noticed a new WP theme called “Mullet”. Loving all things mullet, I checked out the page and some of the links on it.

I eventually arrived at Mullet Layout: A user-friendly front page and thought it’d be nice if you could just activate a plugin to get the user-friendlier mullet display of posts, instead of switching or modifying themes.

Not finding a plugin, I set out to write my first WordPress plugin. One day of frustration at The Loop (multiple loops, actually) and lots of perusing source code later, I’m pleased I can now give the whole world a mullet. Well, the WordPress world, anyway.

Download the Mullet plugin (version 0.4): 4.95kb

When you add the plugin to WordPress it’ll create a new Options sub-menu called Mullet where you can control what your list looks like, how long it is, etc. It’s pretty flexible.

Scroll to the bottom of this page (or the bottom of the my Home page to see what it does.

For more information on mullets (both hair and data related):
Wikipedia: Mullet (haircut)
Mullet Layout: A user-friendly front page
Mullet style blog layout

Version History

  • 0.4 2006-09-30 – Added ‘Page’ options and sample code (WP 2.1 Compatible, Tested 1/20/2007 on WP 2.1 RC2).
  • 0.3 2006-09-27 – Fixed html character encoding bug in titles/post names.
  • 0.2 2006-05-25 – Added date formatting option, per request.
  • 0.1 2006-05-11 – Initial (public) release.

Comments, suggestions and gratuitous praise welcome.

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