“What Most Americans Have”

The phrase uttered by my insurance agent annoyed me. It’s “What Most Americans Have” as a justification to pay more every month than I would be paying otherwise. Liability coverage sucks, kids.

I recognize the sales tactic, and I don’t hold it against my agent… He’s already lowering my rate and I’m quibbiling here over whether He lowers it by $32/month vs $26/month. And when they know you have a 4 month old their mouths just get juicier. “You’ve got a kid now, it’s not just you, as fast as you can go anymore.” $!#&%!! The things we do for our kids.

Perversely, Liability coverage isn’t for your kids. It’s for other peoples kids. I’m a good driver (if a little fast). I don’t wreck other peoples cars. Let THEM get the liability insurance.

Oh well. I’ll pay the bill. Until I figure out that nice guy or not, that agent just smiled at his bigger commission for something I don’t need at all. I fully realize I may never find out I don’t need it. Liability sucks.