Sarah. 8 Months, 2 Weeks, 2 Days.

New with the girl of my dreams this month:

Shaking her head ‘yes’ and ‘no’. And usually opposite of how I’m shaking mine – so she knows they mean opposite things.

Dancing. She’s loved dancing since she was born, but lately we’ve been video’ing her standing at her little piano toy, pounding on the keys, and dancing to the music(?) she’s making.

Sleeping all night. Well, not sleeping, but staying in her own bed. She sleeps most of the night, crying for 5 or 10 minutes when she wakes up, then playing… then sleeping. I cracked on this just this morning and got her up at 6:45 – she’d been crying almost all night. She was in a pretty good mood after that though, playing with me while I got dressed for work.

Wearing shoes – she’d been a socks-only kid until now, and she seems to like shoes. Especially shoe laces she can chew on. Walking in them is a little clumsy and I have to go slower when I’m holding her hands so she can walk.

Facing forward. Yes, she’s still under a year old, but she meets the height/weight restrictions so we got her a new car seat where she can face forward while we’re driving. The baby-seat was getting too small, and her legs were getting bunched up between her butt and the back of the seat she was facing. Doesn’t make for a happy kid.

Slapping the tv screen. We’ve been watching the DVDs a lot lately. We’ve got the ones on Space, Language, Water, Shapes and Animals. She honestly doesn’t care much for them after watching them once, except for the puppet interludes. Loves ’em. The duck is her favorite, and she stares, talks to, and slaps at the tv screen when they’re on.

That’s about it. Here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for…

Sarah Marie, just over 8 months old.