If I Were To Steal

Been working on a new page design for the work website. I hate that it uses frames, flash, and font tags.

In my looking around, I found this:

What a beautiful page! The color scheme and layout make my mouth water. I want my page design to look that clean, and somehow it never does. I can’t quite quantify what separates mine from that, and I don’t want to ape it just for the sake of accomplishing it once – I want to be able to do it myself.

Maybe it’s mostly the photography/images themselves, but even the complimentary colors and lack of stark contrast but easily discernable differences in regions seem beyond me.

Of course, I’m stuck with #42775D. The “company color”. Everything’s already printed in it. And no web color scheme based on it looks good. So I revert to white, put the green on it, use orange for links/action items. #333 for text and I seem to have exhausted my creativity.

Anybody want to offer a design based on that color? Take pity on the poor programmer 🙂