Hit 202,606 miles on my Honda this week. And since I tend to drive fast, it’s fair to say most of them were in the passing lane, not caring a whit for the posted speed limit.

Other occurences on my “do-meter”:

My wife hates politics, and I enjoy watching/listening to Sean Hannity and Rush. So what’s a brow-beaten political nut to do when his wife won’t let him watch the GOP Convention? www.npr.org/politics Normally I’m not big on NPR’s slant to news (it’s a genuine surprise when they actually have a guest commentator espouse conservative views — and they’re always guest commentators), but at least they put audio of the speeches online so I can listen the next day from work.

Cabela’$ is a fun place to visit when they’ve got events going on. But between their web, floor catalog prices, it’s hard for me to see how they’re still in business. Wal-mart’s got better deals, if not as wide a selection.

Zell Miller — you’re invited to my place for dinner.

And improvement to the sIFR system is ongoing over at www.MikeIndustries.com/blog I can’t wait to start using that.