Quick update… Sarah’s started using more words lately. Here’s a few examples:

  • Cold! When she says this, she’ll make her hands rigid, and give a shiver. Happens most when it’s cold outside, when she’s playing with ice, or when I’m wiping her rear with a cold wipe.
  • Shake your booty! Ok, so it’s only happened once, right after we came home from a loud restaurant where that song had been playing. She was dancing when she said it. It’s on video 🙂
  • Boo-boo She’s got this habit of playing with lids to cups that have holes cut for a straw. She’ll stick her finger in the hole, get it pinched, then say “boo-boo” and want to have her finger kissed.
  • Go! She’s been doing this one for a while. Started when I would push her around the grocery store like a racer whenever she said Go, or quit when she says Stop (which sounds more like “Schah!”). Now she almost says “Go Blue!”. She’ll be a Michigan fan before she’s an Alabama fan. 🙂
  • More and Please: used almost interchangeably when she wants something and is being nice about it. As opposed to just whining, when she’s not in a good mood.
  • No. She definitely has this one learned well. She can tell you “no” when you ask if she wants more breakfast, or to have her diaper changed, or to quit playing with something she shouldn’t.
  • Popcorn for me? Sometimes it’ll be “gum” or “candy”, but the “for me?” part is always there… whenever she sees us with something and thinks she might get some of it. Darling little mooch.