The Incredibles

The Incredibles
Easily the best* movie I’ve seen all year, The Incredibles had a 70 million dollar opening weekend. Including my own $12.00, and it was well deserved.

My only complaints about the movie are: The pre-movie short, Bounding was cute, but not really funny; and there were no bloopers. After Toy Story, Bugs Life and Nemo, you get used to waiting through the closing credits for the extra feature. I waited through the whole closing credits, all the way to the “This movie has been rated PG…” crap, and NO bloopers. I can see the desire to wait and include them in the DVD release for better sales, but not even one?

That aside, the movie was great. I especially enjoyed the “James Bond” type music, the great computer animation of hair (hey, I’m a nerd), the domestic disputes that could’ve been recorded live in my own car or kitchen, and the shamefully accurate portrayal of a distracted father/husband figure (shameful because I caught myself remembering having done things that way).

*About that “best” claim. I realize I saw Gibson’s The Passion Of The Christ (DVD) this year, and I also enjoyed Pirates of the Carribbean (DVD), and Frank Capra’s Arsenic and Old Lace (VHS) ranks very highly among spans of hours I’ve enjoyed staring at a single space – but The Incredibles appealed to me in a more all-around manner than any of those. It wasn’t seasonal, it wasn’t a statement, it wasn’t Johnny Depp in dreadlocks. All of those were great movies for what they portrayed, but none were something you’d take young children to, and not something you could only recommend with stipulations (“it’s not for the kids” or “but parts of it might make you squirm”).

For both entertaining me, and not putting me on the hook, The Incredibles gets my (imaginery) Oscar vote.