Buying Blue at 210,012

Pink’s been fun and cute and all, but it’s time to start buying blue at our house. Our 17-month old daughter Sarah will be getting a baby brother in April… Tentatively named Jackson (or Jaxon, depending on which of us you ask).
I’m absolutely over the moon today.

Sarah’s finally (temporarily?) stopped saying “No”, when asked if she wants a baby brother. That’s some serious progress at our house. Might’ve helped that she got to see the ultrasound with us, and see her brother’s hands and feet, head and heart.

My uber-reliable CR-V tipped past 210,000 miles this morning. Of course, it whines and howls like the old Airwolf helicopter, but keeps on haulin. We’ll be in Alabama for Thanksgiving, so there’s another 2,000+ miles for it to conquer. Eventually, it’ll be time to retire this unbelievably worthwhile vehicle… We’ll have 2 car seats to deal with in just a few months.

Maybe some serious hobo-cheap living, combined with next spring’s tax refund, combined with charitable donations (hint hint) will buy us a nice Honda Odyssey to continue on in.

Back in 10 days. 🙂