WordPress Password 0.6

After several recent tests released via comments in my old WP-Password blog entry, I’ve now released version 0.6 for testing.

WP-Password 0.6:  http://broome.us/wp-password/wp-password_0_6.zip

For those new to the latest work, it’s a complete rewrite of the plugin.  It now uses a set of numbered rules that are much more precise and lack the ambiguity (read: ability to circumvent) of the old system’s Regular Expression conversion & comparion.

Another new feature: Where the old (before 0.5) plugin could only protect specific urls (and even than had some problems…) the new one protects the content of protected urls wherever it appears — homepage, archive pages, rss feeds… Should be everywhere.

Here’s a preview of the admin:

WP-Password Admin 0.6 Screenshot
WP-Password Admin 0.6 Screenshot - click to zoom

This isn’t quite ready for release on the WordPress Plugins site yet.  I have a few things I want to add before that… Feel ree to add your own requests via comment.

  1. Let users choose their own “This content is password protected, please Log In to view it” text.
  2. Add a decent un-install.  Or just ANY uninstall, since it doesn’t try at all.
  3. Find a better way to make visitors log in than hacking a copy of wp-login.php
  4. Add password-protection by Category and/or Tag, not just words in permalink urls.

As you see, I don’t think this is done.  But it bears some testing.  Please let me know if you find any problems or have any suggestions or questions.

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