Vigilance + Flickr

I switched to the Vigilance theme on my site because I like it’s clean look and lines… but thought it was missing something.

I didn’t want to specify a single image for its optional banner, and don’t actually use Flickr myself, but I spent a little time tweaking phpFlickr and some CSS until I got this spiffy new header. Since Vigilance is pretty much just black and white, every spash of color Flickr gives me matches just fine.

Every page load pulls a random-ish “Interesting” photo off flickr, and I get a surprise every time I visit my own site. And so do you. Plus, mouse-over the image and you get links to the Flickr Interesting page, OR can go see the whole photo you’re only seeing part of now.

I rock. 🙂

If anyone’s interested in the code, say so… I may turn this into a plugin.