Citrix Desktop – Fix for when Tab and Esc keys quit working

I work in a Citrix Desktop session all day, and once in a while, the Tab & Escape keys quit working in that session. No Alt-Tab, Ctrl-Tab, Tab, Esc, etc. Really annoying when you’re programming. They work fine on my local desktop, but not in Citrix.

When it happened today I started testing various settings – re-sizing Citrix sessions & windows, etc. I opened my local “Citrix Connection Center” and disconnected that session, reconnected, still no luck.

Then I noticed that inside that desktop session, I had another Citrix Connection Center running – because some of our applications are only available as Citrix instances, and only when using a Citrix Desktop to reach them. I used that app yesterday and it never closes correctly, and Tab & Esc had worked since… but suddenly stopped working today.

So I opened that Connection Center and terminated & logged off from the remote servers and apps there. Tab and Esc started working in my session again.

Not sure this is concrete, repeatable proof of a fix, but wanted to document it.

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