All I Want for Christmas is my two front teef

Thought I’d put up a Christmas list. Don’t buy me anything on it – I don’t want it from you. 🙂

  • Duke Ellington’s Three Suites CD. I really only want the Sugar Rum Fairy section, but the rest would be cool too.
  • 14 inches of snow
  • I want the back porch light on my house to work. Stupid thing won’t power a 120v motion-sensor activated halogen spotlight, and that just annoys me to death. Had to put the cool light on the garage, and that’s not where I wanted it.
  • World Peas (English Peas, buttered peas, chick peas, etc.)
  • A nice buttery sauce to go with my World Peas
  • I want to author a simple, catchy, wildly popular Christmas song. Been working on lyrics while in the shower. You don’t want to hear me sing it.
  • A five-pound box of money
  • A Volkswagen Touareg that’d get 40 miles to the gallon and perform like a champ on 87 octane (long as I’m dreaming). Green paint. Leather interior. Sunroof.
  • I want my back yard fenced in. I love my dogs, but hate chaining them up to let them out. It’s ruined the paint on the back porch, plus the stupid tie-outs wear out after 1 month and start having jagged edges to cut my hands on. I might actually do this one myself, just not this season.
  • I want Michael Jackson to mysteriously vanish from the world – from our news, from our memories, from our awareness.
  • This excerpt has been sponsored by Lunch – when you’re hungry enough to stop what you’re working on and eat. Lunch.

    Oh, have a new pic of my daughter to share. I can’t believe how big she’s getting. She was playing pat-a-cake with me the other night. Of course, she doesn’t say the words, but when it gets to the part where I tickle her, she’s jumping and laughing before I even touch her. Mwahahaha. She’s going to be so brilliant!

    Sarah at 6 months.