Interesting Fodder

I see the Casinos in search of our hard-earned dollars are using another cheap tactic to try and generate traffic. I’ve got 5 comments on a post made here that are all filled with links to gambling (ripoff) sites. Viagra, anyone?

I can almost feel for the poor guy who had to create the program that automatically makes these comments on blog systems. I used to work for a ruthless, morally bankrupt outfit who asked me to build an email address harvester for them. I argued against creating spam, and was told “If we offer them a chance to unsubscribe, it’s not spam”. I took great pride in quitting without notice at the first chance I got.

Now, some poor schmuck in similar circumstances has had to write this ghastly script to auto-post comments on any blog that can be found on google.

I’ll just keep deleting the comments (I’ll leave them on this post so you can see what I mean). I ought to write a script to do it. Heh.

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