At approximately 28mpg, that’s 6,821 gallons of gas in the last 5 1/2 years.

At approx 1.70 per gallon (my guess-timated average of gas prices I’ve paid over that time), that’s $11,596.43

Now let’s pretend. Pretending is fun.

If it had been available in 1998 when I bought my beloved Honda CR-V, and I opted for the Civic hybrid instead, which is rated 51mpg, but probably gets more like 44, the above numbers would be…

4,341 gallons of gas. $7,379.55 in gas costs.
$4,216.88 in my pocket.

Ain’t advancements in technology grand? FOUR grand, in fact.

Let’s compare a bit more. I paid (over 5 years of financing for my CR-V, $26,061.00. It’s fully loaded, but not the limited edition.

The Honda Civic, fully loaded (as best as I can determine): approximately $24,989.00 – financed for 5 years, like the CR-V was.

26061 – 24989 = 1072. So Technology ain’t 4 grand, it’s FIVE.

Of course, now that it’s paid for, I intend to baby my car as much as possible while driving it deep into the ground. Hoping we’ll see over 300,000 miles on it eventually. By then the difference (neverminding higher gas prices, and assuming both cars survive 300k miles) would be over $7,000 in favor of the Civic.

In fact, if while driving the CR-V to 6 feet under, I manage to save the same car payment amounts and pay up front for the Civic, Not only do I have it paid for in 3.8 years (instead of 5), but now the cost difference is over $11,000 in favor of the Civic.