Southern Fried

The temperature today was a balmy 93 degrees Fahrenheit, here in Andalusia, Alabama. And I don’t realize how much brighter the sun is here than in Michigan until I venture out from the hotel and realize my corneas have been seared.

Also feeling a bit like a crispy chicken because of the time I’ve had this week to look around at the best examples of good design on the web. Sites like and just about every site in the Favorites list there.

I’m a programmer. A logic tinkerer, not an artist. I feel like the plumber in Rennaisance Venice. Great pipes, but who gives a damn when all the painters are around? The phrase “Standing on the shoulders of giants” is a lofty dream.

I’m looking up at their ankles.

Not that the plumbing isn’t important. I speak code pretty well, no matter what dialect. I can generate XML from databases in my sleep. But I seem to be chronically impaired when it comes to good presentation. This web page isn’t even my own template.

It’d be great if there were a “respected complete stranger trade organization”. I’d gladly build spam defenses, black lists, Bayesian filters and just about anything under the sun, if I could get some of that mind-blowing design in return.

And it ain’t for personal reasons, either, though I lament that this site is an eyesore. It’s professional. I’m the web developer at my place of employment. And I can code fine, but the design, well… I’ve committed some atrocities.

Any takers?