What’s my Name!

I let my last domain lapse. Didn’t care for it anymore, didn’t want to be associated with its name. It was great while I was mudding all the time and liked going by the nonsense pseudonym. But I’m past that now, don’t mud anymore, don’t want to point professional colleagues at designs hosted on the goofy domain name anymore.

I was once offered money for it. Hah. Money, for that dumb name. I should’ve taken it, but my pride, freshly swollen at the offer, just couldn’t let go of it.

So here’s a new site. A new blog system, a new email address, a new start. Props to Registerfly.com and BGFweb.com for being quick to make it happen. Anti-Props to Paypal for taking 3 days to process a fund transfer that came out of my bank account on the first day.

Let’s see how this goes.