Well that was a quick 2,000 miles. The annual Thanksgiving trip to Alabama was great. Thanksgiving Day morning I managed to knock over a doe, but I didn’t get any pictures of it.

I hadn’t really put my scope on anything all week and was getting frustrated. Thursday morning my wife laid down the law that I was to be back at 9am. At 7:40am a nice, big fat doe walked out on the dirt road I was walking… just as I was about to return to the car to head back to the hotel. You don’t just turn your back on a gift from God like that. Even if it makes you late, and upsets your wife a little.

Thursday night I started feeling a cold coming on. By Friday afternoon I was sneezing in my stand, and decided to call it quits.

Much thanks to Uncle Wayne, Doug, Wesley, Sam and Josh who also went hunting during the week. After not getting anything last year, I didn’t have my hopes too high. This time, the weather started out warm and the deer were staying out of sight, but I had a great time anyway, even before Thursday morning.

Next year I want to find out if shotgun hunting is legal and perhaps even take my own. Dad says he’d like to go bowhunting here in Michigan in early October, if possible. I’ve started looking into bows. Anyone have a suggestion for a starter setup?