UAW snubs US Marines

UAW President Ron Gettlefinger claimed sole responsibility today for the decision to “un-invite” Marine Corps reservists from using the UAW parking lot if they drive a foreign car, or support President Bush.

While the news that the UAW had informed the Marines that foreign cars or cars sporting stickers supporting President Bush were un-invited from the lot broke last week, Gettlefinger was on WJR this morning to take sole responsibility for the decision, admit he is an ex-Marine Corps reservist himself, but apparantly sees room for wiggle when it comes to Semper Fi.

Marines could still use the lot, he said, as long as they’re driving American made cars, without stickers supporting President Bush – apparantly drawing distinctions between which Marines the UAW would and would not support. There’s UAW patriotism for you.

When pressed to reverse his decision, he said he’s not too big to go back on it, but would not commit to a reversal on the air. Instead, he said he would privately negotiate with the Marines about the issue. He did though, publicly lament that the radio station was coming out against the UAW decision – after having listened to call after call from UAW rank and file members protesting the decision by their leadership, on air.

The Marines are having nothing to do with a negotiation when asked about Gettlefinger’s offer. As far as the battalion C.O. is concerned, his decision that the Marines will not use the UAW parking lot again was final. He had earlier said, “You either support the Marines or you don’t.”

Other local businesses had called in to offer their incredulity at the UAW’s stance, and their own parking lots for the Marines’ use.

Update: BlackFive is reporting the issue is resolved, as Gettlefinger apparantly called the C.O. to reverse his decision. Weasel. Ingrate.